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Chengdu Ascend Magnetic Technology&Products Co.,Ltd. specializes in research and development (R&D), production and sales of SmCo permanent magnet. The founder and his team have nearly 30 years of rich experiences in the industry. With expansion and renovation, the company is equipped with the latest technology and quality management as well as a number of important patents. It boasts the world-class, advanced, large-scale platform of research and development as well as manufacturing. Its products have been exported around the world.

High Standard of Technology
The whole series of high magnetic performance materials, components and parts (SmCo5, Sm2Co17) have high consistency and processing quality and have met the most advanced standards in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

Special R&D Products
High performance magnets of different types, magnets of special forms and sizes, magnets of high precision
Magnets with 1°of magnetic deflection; magnets with special high uniformity. Magnets of such types are the materials of core technology for such permanent magnetic components as maglev components, non-contact magnetic bearings, high precision sensors, high precision motors, meters and microwave tubes.
Design for high-performance high-precision magnetic devices, permanent magnetic systems
The whole series of Sm-Co permanent magnetic products for micro tubes (magnetron, TWT and klystron)

Manufacturing of scale and express production model
Complete production line at more than 200 tons per year and special processing technology
Advanced and complete testing equipments for product performance and geometric sizes
Fast and flexible integrated production models ensure samples and mass production of products with different forms, specifications and magnetic performance in the shortest possible time.

Standard and optimal management
The company abides strictly and effectively by the quality management systems of ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949.

High quality and high efficiency
The company boasts a strong capacity in fast and efficient international e-commerce, and handles export directly.

Located in the World Cultural & Natural Heritage Spots of Dujiangyan City, the National Scenic Area, the company enjoys a good transportation infrastructure, with airlines connecting the world.
Chengdu Ascend Magnetic Technology&Products Co.,Ltd. offers specialized services and all-around technical support. With our advantages in research and development as well as manufacturing and sales, the company is ready to provide you with the high quality products, express delivery and reasonable prices.

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Sense Of Mission And Responsibility


In the midst of a challenging time for social and economic development, CAM MAGNETNET has always sought the most suitable path for its development.

Corporation Vision


CAM MAGNET is a forward-looking company, committed to pushing technology boundaries and becoming a world-leading SmCo Magnet manufacturer.